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Porous cordierite


In our production we emphasize the highest possible quality of our materials. Therefore, we only use to quality materials for the production. To give you a better overview, we are enclosing a table of materials.



Used for these products: fuse bodies, switch bases, fuse bases, holders, thermostat parts, bushings, insulating beads, ceramic holders, bases, sockets, terminal boards, bracing pillars, plate heat radiators, fillings of heating elements.



Used for these products: parts for the automotive industry, fuse bodies, bushings, resistance rollers, spiral holders, insulating holders of cores of automotive ignition coils, ceramic strips and pads, welding strips, insulating pipes, bracing pillars, insulators, support sticks.



Used for these products: pipes, multi-opening capillaries, strips, terminals, thermal sensors for metallurgy, welding rings, carriers of heating spirals, heating elements, holders of heating spirals and wires, insulating plates and pillars, bracing pillars and aids for furnaces with a firing temperature of up to 1250°C, plate- and trough-shaped infrared radiators, spouts and sieves for metal casting.